Bitter Revenge

Book 2019

Bitter Revenge takes the form of a three act play, and is driven by two narrative threads set some 100 years apart with heartbreak, unstable relationships and rejection at their core. One of these is a Victorian woman’s, Christiana Edmunds, who became known as the ‘Chocolate Cream Killer’ and ‘Venus of Broadmoor’ the other is mine. From the weaving of these two narratives a third emerges, a long-awaited closure - the final act.

The book considers a women’s place in the world, mental resilience, the imbrication of time and chance encounters that alter the paths you travel on. Using archival material, personal documents, literature and still life imagery, Bitter Revenge delves into themes of loneliness, fear of abandonment, social stigmas, mental health and memory.

164 pages, 375mm x 275mm, with cloth cover and half transparent book jacket, hand bound with inserts. 

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